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In the first years of the Faculty of Science UPJŠ Košice existence, the scientific work and teaching of botanical disciplines began to develop within the Department of Biology. After the construction of the Botanic Garden UPJŠ at Mánesova Street, an independent Department of Botany (1968-1972) was established. The head was Doc. RNDr. Joseph Racz, CSc., Assistants professors were Ing. A. Vojtuň, Ing. Štefan Kocúrik, CSc., Mgr. Viera Černá, Mgr. Jolana Halásová and assistant was RNDr. Miroslav Repčák. The core research program of the Department was a partial task in the international program "Man and Biosphere" entitled "Study of the biomass production and quality of algae Scenedesmus quadricauda". Floristic research was focused on the Slovak Karst. The Department members thought all botanical subjects for biology teaching (Anatomy and Morphology of Plants, Systematic of Lower Plants, Systematic of Higher Plants, Plant Physiology, Geobotany, School experiments of Botany, a part of subject Didactics of Biology, Fieldworks from Botany and Geobotany). At that time, a lot of effort was devoted to furnish research laboratories, Plant physiology and Botany practical classrooms and herbarium.

In the next period plant physiologists and botanists were included in the Department of special biology (1972-1990). The head was Prof. RNDr. Robert Hončariv, CSc. The core research program of the Department was focused on the production of medicinal plants for Slovakofarma, n.p., the part of VHJ Spofa in the national plans of technological development (three projects). The cooperation with agricultural association in the implementation of agrotechnical research results and medicinal plants selection was also developed. Five authorial certificates on technology for processing of medicinal plants and new-selected plants were obtained. The basic research followed-up to the main program in field of the plant secondary metabolism. In addition to teacher two-subject programme, Plant Physiology in the one-subject study of biology by national curricula has opened since 1979. In the scientific training of its teachers the cooperation was substantial with the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, especially with the Department of Plant Physiology.

The Department of Experimental Botany and Genetics (1990 - 2002) continued with training activities in teaching study programmes and in one-subject program of Plant Physiology. The research of medicinal plants, under the leadership of RNDr. Peter Černaj, CSc., was focused on the implementation of obtained results, breeding of new-selected varieties, solving of certain issues of medicinal plants agrotechnology. Three projects MH SR and three international projects in cooperation with VULM in Modra were solved. Nine more authorial certificates were obtained. A separate Department of Plant Physiology and Botany (head doc. RNDr. Miroslav Repčák, CSc.) was established on this Department. During this period, the scientific research was focused on a basic research in secondary metabolism and plant taxonomy in a greater range (five projects GAV and VEGA).

In 2002, the Institute of Biology and Ecology was established, which includes the Department of Botany.

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In 2013, the 13th Conference of Plant Experimental Biology will take place in Košice.

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