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Botanical research of vascular plants is actually focused on two genera: Onnosma and Taraxacum. In genus Onosma, the research is focused on the taxonomical group study of “Asterotricha” and on the study of genome evolution, taxon differentiation and hybridization in groups of Onosma arenaria s. 1 and Onosma pseudoarenaria s. 2. In genus Taraxacum, in co-operation with Botanical garden UPJŠ, the research is focused on the study of microevolutionary processes and gene flow in section of Ruderalia and Erythrosperma.

Plant Physiology is oriented on the study of mechanisms of toleration on heavy metals in Lichen and medicinal plants and on the secondary metabolites, mainly in abiotic stress conditions. In genus Trifolium, the research is focused on the topography analysis of endopolyploidy in various plant organs of selected species and on the study of endopolyploidy during plant ontogenesis, as well as on the study of relationship between endopolyploidy and genome size.