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2002-2003 The impact of human and his activities of the ecology and behavior of Green lizard (Lacerta viridis) in protected area of Slovak karst (VVGS PF UPJŠ, principal investigator: Majláth)  

2003-2005 The effect of long-term melatonin administration upon metabolic parameters in Sprague-Dawley and Wistar Han rats (VVGS 1/0442/03, principal investigator: Bojková)

2003-2005 The effects of low doses of ionizing radiation on beha-vioral changes in rats irradiated during embryonic development in adult age (VEGA - 1/0440/03, principal investigator: Šmajda)

2004 Metabolic effect of diclofenac in rats: nyctohemeral variation (VVGS PF 4/2008/B, principal investigator: Orendáš)

2004-2005 Telemetry monitoring of activity of European pond turtle (Emys oricularis) in surrounding of Streda nad Bodrogom (VVGS UPJS, principal investigator: Majláth)

2004-2006 Green lizard (Lacerta viridis) in National Park Slovak karst (VEGA – 1/1284/04, principal investigator: Majláth)

2004-2006 The role of psychoemotional stress in the origin of experimental mammary carcinogenesis in female rats (VEGA MŠ SR 1/1286/04, principal investigator: Kassayová)

2005-2008  Prevention of mammary carcinogenesis in female rats by a selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase 2 (VEGA MŠ SR 1/2355/05, principal investigator since 2007: Kassayová)

2007-2008 The role of lizards as host of different developmental stages of ectoparasites and reservoir host of ectoparasite-borne diseases (VVGS UPJS, principal investigator: Majláth)

2007-2009 Effects of low doses of ionizing radiation on behaviour and neurogenesis in adult rats irradiated in different phases of embryonic development (VEGA - 1/4345/07, principal investigator: Šmajda)

2007-2009 Prevention of experimental mammary carcinogenesis in female rats by peroral antidiabetics (VEGA 1/4321/07, principal investigator: Bojková)

2007-2010 The Polish Ministry of Science – Does parasites load influence on lizards survival probability in conditions with high predatory pressure? (A. Mickiewicz University, Poland ) (NN 303 3174 33, Co-I: Majláth)

2007-2012 Centre for Signalome Research (VVCE-0001-07, Co-I: Kisková)

2008-2010 Arthropod-borne pathogens of lizards from the family Lacertidae in model areas of Europe (VEGA – 1/0139/08, principal investigator: Majláth)

2008-2010 Selected helminth and infectious diseases of ruminants under the influence of global climate change (VEGA – 2/0042/08, vice principal investigator: Majláth)

2008-2010 Statins administered alone or in combination with other oncostatic substances in prevention of experimental mammary carcinogenesis (VEGA 1/0029/08, Co-Is: Kassayová, Bojková, Orendáš)

2009-2010 Resveratrol and melatonin in chemoprevention of experimental mammary carcinogenesis: mutual effects of potentiation (VVGS PF I-10-002-00, principal investigator: Kisková)

2009-2012 A route of young towards science (APVV LPP 0400 09, UPJŠ coordinátor: Majltáh)

2010-2011 Radiation damage of brain neurons in rats: the possible protection by pre- and postconditioning (VEGA - 1/0439/10, principal investigator: Šmajda)

2010-2012 COX-2 inhibition enhancing by the plant polypenol resveratrol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib in chemically induced mammary cancer (VVGS 14/10-11, principal investigator: Kisková)

2011 The influence of the blood parasites and tick-born pathogens on the  behavioral changes in lizards of the genus Lacerta. (VVGS PF UPJŠ, principal investigator: Kokošová)

2011-2012 The effect of the plant polyphenol resveratrol in the combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib on COX-2 activity in mammary cancer cells (VVGS PF 1/2011/B, principal investigator: Kisková)

2011-2012 Potentiation of COX-2 inhibition by plant polyphenol resveratrol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib in experimental mammary carcinogenesis (Pfizer Luxembourg SARL Grant initiated by investigator Nr. WS1512122/2011, principal investigator: Kassayová)

2012-2013 Postnatal hippocampal neurogenesis in rats irradiated with a low dose of gamma-rays during embryonic development. (VVGS UPJŠ, principal investigator: Kokošová)

2012-2014 Hippocampal neurogenesis and depression: influencing by application of melatonin (VEGA MŠ SR è. 1/0292/12, principal investigator: Šmajda)

2012-2014 Prevention of mammary carinogenesis in rats by statins administered in combination with other drugs (VEGA 1/0043/12, Co-Is: Kassayová, Bojková, Orendáš)

2012-2014 Antitumour effects of probiotics, prebiotics and melatonin in experimental models of breast cancer (VEGA MŠ SR  1/0207/12, principal investigator: Kassayová)