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assoc. prof. RNDr. Ľubomír Panigaj, PhD.

Moyzesova 11, Košice 041 54
Phone: +421 55 234-1179

Academic degrees
RNDr. - 2003
PhD. - since 2007
Personal data
Born 1953, married, wife Iveta, three children

Academic degrees
1983 - RNDr.- Faculty of Science, University of P. J. Safarik in Košice(plant physiology)
1991 - PhD. - Faculty of Science, Comenius University in Bratislava (Entomology)
2003 - assoc. prof. - Faculty of Science, Comenius University in Bratislava (Zoology)

1971 - 1976: study at the Faculty of Sciences, University of P. J. Safarik in Košice, general biology
1977 - 1996: Saris museum in Bardejov - american dream (at naturalist of entomological collections to director)
1996 - present: Institute of Biological and Ecological Science, University of P. J. Safarik, Faculty of Science Košice - teacher

Teaching subject: Invertebrate Zoology, Comparative Morphology of Animals, Applied Entomology, Entomocoenoses of Slovakia, Field Course of Zoology Diploma thesis of students (M. S.) tutored - 16 students Doctoral students (current) - Mgr. Jana Švihlová

Research activities
My research activities are oriented on the study of the Lepidoptera: - the ecology of rare, important and protected species, the spatial and temporal distribution, especially interesting ecosystems (high mountain, peat-bog), - morphological and molecular phylogeny of selected lepidopteran species (genus Erebia, Udea),

Supervisor of the study programm - "General Ecology and Ecology of Individual and populations" for bacalar students

- Slovak Society of Entomology Member of editional board for Natura Carpatica
- member of editional board for Naturae tutela

2003 - 2005: Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Science VEGA No. 1/0434/03 "Lepidoptera communities of alpine and subalpine zone of the High Tatra Mts." (principial investigator)
2006-2008: Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic an the Slovak Academy of Science VEGA No. 1/3259/06 "Analysis of spatial and temporal distribution of the selected lepidopteran species of alpine zone in Wester Carpathians" (principial investigator)

Recent publications
• Hell P., Paule L., Ševčenko Ľ.S., Danko Š., Panigaj Ľ., Víťaz V. 1989: Craniometrical investigation of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) from the Slovakia carpathians and adjacent lowlands. Folia zoologica 38(2): 139-155.

• Panigaj Ľ. 1993: Ecological characterization of Lepidoptera communities in beach forests in Magura and Bardejov Spa. Biologia 5: 549-558.

- Panigaj Ľ. 1994: Rzadkie i zagrožone gatunki motyli (Lepidoptera) v Bukowskich Wierchach. Roczniki Bieszczadskie 3: 99-107.

• Panigaj Ľ. 2000: Lepidoptera of Bukovské vrchy Mts. Správa NP Poloniny, ŠOP SR Banská Bystrica, Správa NP Poloniny Snina,111 pp. Panigaj Ľ. 2003: Changes in species richness of Butterflies fauna (Lepidoptera, Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea) in the Pieniny Mountains. Pieniny-Przyroda i Czlowiek 8: 83-88.

• Bartušová Z., Panigaj Ľ. 2004: Vplyv obhospodarovania lúčnych porastov na štruktúru cenóz denných motýľov (Lepidoptera, Zygaenoidea, Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea). Ochrana prírody, Banská Bystrica 23: 253-264.

• Panigaj Ľ. 2005: Príspevok k poznaniu fauny motýľov (Lepidoptera) CHKO Latorica. Naturae tutela 9: 149-158.

• Panigaj Ľ. 2006: First record of Digitivalva granitella (Lepidoptera, Acrolepiidae) from Slovakia and other remarkable species of the genus Digitivalva. Biologia 61(5): 596.

• Panigaj Ľ., Panigaj M. 2008: Changes in lepidopteran assemblages in Temnosmrečianská dolina valley (the High Tatra Mts, Slovakia) over the last 55 years. Biologia 63(4): 582-587.